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BAYER - Gino-Canesten [PT]  [ENG]︎
AMSTEL - Carnaval        [PT]  [ENG]︎

FORD - Edge ST             [PT]  [ENG] ︎

AMSTEL - Pré-Carnaval [PT]  [ENG] ︎
FORDTrucks                [PT]  [ENG] ︎

UNILEVER - CloseUp    [PT]  [ENG] ︎
UNILEVER - Brilhante    [PT]  [ENG] ︎
FORD - Mustang            [PT]  [ENG] ︎
FORD - World Cup         [PT]  [ENG] ︎
FORD - Retail                 [PT]  [ENG] ︎
JAMESON - Be More Irish[PT] [ENG]︎


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Versão em inglês abaixo.
Para português clique aqui.

*PPKSEMTABU is the oficial name of the movement in Portuguese, in English it could be translated
as #makevajayokay. PPK is short for PEPEKA, a common word for vagina, something like vajayjay.

1. Naming is not the issue. The issue is not talking about it

1. Thrush is common | 2. Burning down there | 3. Thaaaat itch |  4. Naming is not the issue. The issue is not talking about it.
 1. PRECIOUS | 2. FOOFY BIRD | 3. FLOWER | 4. Stop feeling embarrassed   


   PPK Team: the whole process was conducted almost 100% by women







Shorfilms to launch the concept - Tuned for a hair-raising routine.

"The news from Estadão are now on audio. Turn the page and leran about the project."
Special ad to launch The Spotify News: we converted the cover news into sound waves.


    We launched a countdown for the Carnival at the very first day of the year



If there's Carnival, there's Amstel.

Amstel's OOH became billboards filled with costumes for revelers to pick up and wear



Beating the distance

No distance can be greather than the love for football.

Danilo, 2018 Brazil World Cup squad right back, related to our story because his father used to be a truck driver,
and posted it on his social media.


Don't judge. Just kiss. | CloseUp. Free your kiss.

Don't judge. Just kiss.


The recruitment ︎

Do you want to be part of Brilhante's new commercial, appear on TV and use the new products before everybody else?
Record a video telling us a little bit about how do you take care of your clothes using #eubrilhando

The Casting  ︎




The results ︎

+ Color

+ Softness 

You always get +

1. Brilliant advertising, Brilhante.
2. MAN! The Brilhante's advertising!!! I love it, so inclusive, real life. Congrats to the team.  3. I love the advertising for the laundry soap Brilhante, diversity. 4. Incredible the advertising of #soaplaundrybrilhante #brilhante


Anderson Capezza: I want to see a 0 to 60mph!!    
   Samira Favato: Can you make a Hollywood drift?

Roberto César Tardelli: What about a linelock?     
     Francisco Novaes: Hey pilot, let's see the ZERO.

So fast that hit your timeline before it hit the streets.


Passion that moves

Passion that moves

- Which Ford do you see?
- New Fiesta | Ecosport
- If you guessed Ecosport,
you got it right.
- Which Ford do you see?
- Ka | Focus
- If you guessed Ka, 
you got it right.

- Which Ford do you see?
- Ka Sedan | Ranger - If you guessed Ranger,
you got it right.



We created hair paints inspired by the Irish Gingers tones

And we turned hundreds of Brazilians into gingers in only one day


Programme opening - NORONHA POR ELAS, Canal Off


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   ︎ leticiarodrigues.da@gmail.com   ︎ +55 11 98600-8936    ︎ leticiarodrigues.da@gmail.com   ︎ +55 11 98600-8936