Leticia Rodrigues 
Brazilian vibe, dog lover and wine drinker
Associate Creative Director  | AD
Cannes See It Be It 2020'21, Teacher Cuca Creativity School
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The recruitment ︎Do you want to be part of Brilhante's new commercial, appear on TV and use the new products before everybody else?
Record a video telling us a little bit about how do you take care of your clothes using #eubrilhando

The Casting  ︎




The result ︎

+ Color

+ Softness

You always get +

1. Brilliant advertising, Brilhante.
2. MAN! The Brilhante's advertising!!! I love it, so inclusive, real life. Congrats to the team. 3. I love the advertising for the laundry soap Brilhante, diversity.
4. Incredible the advertising of #soaplaundrybrilhante #brilhante

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